CLAPEKO in SWR4 – Kurpfälzer Köpfe

CLAPEKO in SWR4 – Kurpfälzer Köpfe

Portrait Kurpfälzer Köpfe

SWR4 Baden Württemberg. Studio Mannheim 2001

Bruno Dumbeck in an interview with CLAPEKO van der Heide

“My passion is illusion through colour.” – CLAPEKO about painting

“I travelled with two suitcases”. – CLAPEKO and the origins

“In winter, the colours froze for me.” – CLAPEKO on his way to his own Nussloch studio

“… in the morning I stretched a lath between two trees in the garden and painted, and in the afternoon I went to the Dokumenta (1964 in Kassel) … and my head was full of illusions … I took the vitality with me” – CLAPEKO on his teachers and his imprinting

“I want to leave myself the freedom.” – CLAPEKO on abstract painting

“I want to be able to work out my mental illusion …. I don’t want to be an illustrator.” – CLAPEKO of his fascination with the universe and infinity.

Light is energy … and colours are deeds of light (Goethe) “One is always searching … and trying to find a way.” – CLAPEKO about his work with lines, circles and the light